Your privacy is important. This statement describes how information from you, the user/customer, collected in conjunction with products and services provided to you, including publications, live events, websites and online activities, is used by Hawkins Media LLC, its predessors, assigns or successors ("Publisher"), and other parties involved in making, selling or fulfilling the products and services provided to you. This statement may be updated from time to time; visit any of Publisher's web sites for current information.

You might voluntarily submit information to Publisher so you can subscribe to print or email publications, get access to web sites, buy products or services, register for live conferences or seminars, or for any other purchase, request or participation. Such information is stored in Publisher's customer records.

To be a supported customer, you must provide at least one functioning email address to Publisher so you can be contacted about the product or service you purchased or are using. Your email address is used by Publisher to give you customer service, to provide requested information such as e-ewsletters, to update you on requested or relevant information, to notify you of expiring subscriptions, to announce new products and services, and similar. If you do not provide at least one valid email address, you might be ineligible for certain online access, products or services. If Publisher cannot readily contact you by email, it may discontinue your service.

At any time you may request a change of your contact information and/or the type of email or other information you receive.

Unless you grant permission, Publisher does not give your email address to anyone who is not involved in providing products and services you have requested. An exception is if you explicitly grant permission, or you request something that states a different practice or policy.

On a website presented by Publisher, you can visit anonymously; you don't need to sign-in or provide any information about yourself. However, to access some website areas, such as to access subscriber-only content or post comments, you must sign-in, which identifies you for that visit. For some products and services you must provide identifying information to Publisher, such as to get subscriber access, to post content or comments in certain areas, to get online membership, to receive enewsletters, to register for an event, to purchase a subscription, to receive shipment of a product, to purchase by credit card, and for various other purposes.

Web browsers and websites generally interact via cookies to provide an organized and/or personalized user experience, to allow online transactions, and to provide smooth movement through a website's pages and features. Your browser must accept cookies for some Publisher website activities, such as to sign-in as a member, to read subscriber-only content, and to make online purchases. Publisher's cookies are customized for its online services, and are not used by any third-parties.

Publisher's websites may use third-party advertising companies to serve some ads. Some of these companies may use information about your visits to Publisher's websites and other websites to provide advertisements about goods and services that are likely to be of interest to you. The information used by these companies does not include your name, address, email address, or telephone number, unless you separately give it to them. For more information about this practice and your options for controlling information used by advertising companies, go to

Information related to certain online activities is automatically logged by servers, including user IP addresses, URLs, website pages visited, cookies, and other data. Publisher may aggregate and tabulate this information to analyze how website features and content are used. Some of this aggregated, tabulated, non-personal information might be provided to advertisers. Some website advertising may come from third-party servers that log aggregate ad displays and clicks; any such information is not combined with the information logged by Publisher. However, if website, email or other online access is in violation of Terms of Use or otherwise causing problems for Publisher and/or other customers/users, server log data may be shared with involved parties in pursuit of a remedy.

Publisher does not solicit information from children under the age of 13, accept online members under 13, or normally provide products or services directed at children under 13. Because Publisher provides professional, business, technical and lifestyle information, determining suitability for older children is up to their parents.

By conducting business with Publisher, or using any of Publisher's products or services, you agree to the transfer of your information to Publisher in the United States and/or other countries or locations where privacy protection may be different from your country or location.

When Publisher provides links to other websites, products or services, it is for the convenience of users, Publisher is not responsible for the privacy policies, content or business practices of any other websites or businesses. You are solely responsible for determining the suitability and value of any business, product or service.

If you have questions about this Privacy Statement or the practices of Publisher, please see the Help page.

Updated 6 JUNE 2012